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Service Station
Service Station

Service Station

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Sku: 7Y020032
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Displayed at: San Francisco, San Mateo & Union City Store
This stylish photo with distinct urban industrial esthetics will be ideal for any interior which asks for extra ragged texture. Although glass surface will also look amazing in a sleek modern interior. Central symmetry with light at the and of the tunnel and perspective of the railways give it a slightly philosophical meaning, which is supported by predominantly black and white color scheme and minimalism of the composition. PLEASE BE ADVISED. GLASS ARTWORK SHOULD BE HUNG USING THE HARDWARE AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED. DO NOT HANG USING WIRE AS IT WILL COMPROMISE THE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY OF THE PIECE.


Dimensions (D x W x H): 0.39 x 47 x 32 (Inches) 
Weight: 25.96 Pounds

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